Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Boxing Day: Liverpool 2 - 0 Newcastle

I didn't watch as many matches this weekend as I usually do, seeing as it was Christmas and my family does not entirely understand my need to yell obscene things at men in shorts on my TV.

Plus, Sportsnet, in their infinite wisdom, decided to show the unspectacular Arsenal-Charlton match not once but twice, rather than United thrashing West Brom or Chelsea edging out Fulham -- or even the barn-burner between Wigan and City.

So, only one game this week, but it was a cracking good one. Another screamer of a goal from Steven Gerrard. Peter Crouch once again justifying the existence of the wonderfully named Dubious Goals Panel. And, of course, the brawl after Lee Bowyer's nasty challenge on Xabi Alonso, complete with Crouch The Enforcer, Gerrard going for Bowyer's throat (officially I disapprove; unofficially, hell yeah), and Alan Shearer, according to the BBC, trying to act as "peacemaker" (hee). For the record: I think Crouch was lucky to get off with only a yellow, and the red card for Bowyer may have been harsh, but it didn't really change the outcome of the game.

Meanwhile, Michael Owen barely got near the ball all game -- the only time I remember him getting a touch was when he came back to defend against a corner. He had barely any service, as Liverpool was dominating the midfield. Newcastle could certainly have used Scott Parker, although he still would have found it difficult to shut down Gerrard and Alonso. And let's not even talk about the Newcastle defence, who must be extremely grateful to have Shay Given backing them up. What on earth is he still doing at a club like this?

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