Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Shut up, Chelsea, part the umpteeth

Frank Lampard would like everyone to know that he's not bothered by all the abuse he gets from West Ham fans.

"I don't go back with anything to prove," Lampard said. "Far from it. I go back there as the runner-up world player of the year and with a championship medal. Coming from the area, I know what people are like. I think they made their mind up early about me being in the team because of my dad.

"I'm pretty stubborn ... and I know people there are stubborn and they didn't want to change their mind, and they still won't. I just go back there with the peace of mind of what I have achieved personally.

"I would like it if people could respect what I have done since I moved. Moving to Chelsea was the best thing I have ever done, so I have no problems going back there and holding my head up high."

"I always thought one day maybe it might tone down but I don't think it will. I think it might get worse but I think I'm a big enough man. When I first went back there four or five years ago I was nowhere near as big a player or person as I am now. I'm more than ready to take anything they throw at me.

"I do thrive on it. I'm so used to it now. I took that for a long time from West Ham fans during my playing days there, and that wasn't so nice. But when you are playing against them and taking it, it's much more of a drive and a motivation."

Not bothered at all. Not one little bit.

Meanwhile, Michael Essien was injured by a tackle from Nigel Reo-Coker in the West Ham game yesterday. AHAHA, KARMA. Um, sorry. Jose Mourinho, naturally, is not pleased. I have to say, though, that going by this picture, it looks like the tackle may have been late but it wasn't that high -- unlike Essien's challenge on Didi Hamann.

In related news, I am absurdly pleased to discover that this blog is the #2 hit if you google Jose Mourinho is a wanker.

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