Friday, March 10, 2006

Champions League Round of 16: March 8

Liverpool 0 - 2 Benfica (aggregate 0-3)
Question of the day: How much do Liverpool need Michael Owen a striker who can actually score? I'm starting to wonder if someone's put a voodoo curse on their forwards, like maybe they should be sacrificing a chicken in the penalty area or something. They had Benfica under pressure throughout the game -- especially in the first 25 minutes -- and still couldn't score. Morientes was just ineffective, and Peter Crouch missed at least one absolute sitter.

Their problems at the back can be summed up in two words: Djimi. Traore. Ok, it's not completely his fault, considering that Liverpool only had three at the back for the second goal. But both Benfica goals came from his side of the field, so you do the math.

In other news, my hatred of the ESPN commentators continues unabated.

Arsenal 0 - 0 Real Madrid (aggregate 1-0)
Who says scoreless draws are boring? This was a great fast-paced game, with lots of attacking play from both sides, although Arsenal dominated again just like they did in the first leg. Crazy Jens Lehman made a great double save in the 60th minute to keep the teams level -- probably the key play of the game. But I think the man of the match was Alexander Hleb. Normally he kind of gets lost in Arsenal's midfield, but this time he had a fantastic game. (His last name still sounds like a hairball, though.)

Favourite moment: Iker Casillas going up for a corner kick in the last five minutes, only for Robert Pires to almost score a Xabi Alonso-style goal from inside his own half. Oops.

AC Milan 4 - 1 Bayern Munich (aggregate 5-2)
It was Italy v. Germany all over again. Bayern Munich basically got their asses handed to them -- Milan was tearing their defence to pieces all night. Two goals from Inzaghi, another from Shevchenko to make up for the penalty he missed, and a gorgeous run from Kak√° to finish things off and send the last German team out.

Lyon 4 - 0 PSV Eindhoven (aggregate 5-0)
I probably cursed PSV by picking them to go through, just to be contrary. Sorry, boys.

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