Thursday, March 16, 2006

Champions League Round of 16 Wrap-Up

Inter 1 - 0 Ajax (aggregate 3-2)
My rec team has a strategy for tough games: grab a one-goal lead, and then just shut up shop. We call it playing Italian style. And that's basically what Inter did in this game. They didn't even need the goal, really, with two away goals from the first leg -- luckily for Adriano, who muffed a penalty before Stankovic put the game away with a gorgeous shot in the second half. It was a pretty boring game to watch, though, because Inter were so dominant. I had to get most of my amusement from Materazzi's crazy Cosmo Kramer hair.

That makes me a spectacular four for eight in my predictions so far. Nevertheless, onward to the next round:

Benfica - Barcelona
Who I want to win: Barcelona. After they beat Chelsea, whereas Benfica took out Liverpool? Yeah, no contest.

Who will win: Barcelona. Again, no contest.

Arsenal - Juventus
Who I want to win: Arsenal. Turns out I am one of those "support the English team in Europe" people. Even if they're not so much English.

Who will win: Juventus. Arsenal have had it pretty easy so far -- yes, even against Real Madrid. But I think Juventus is going to be too much for them. They laid back a bit against Werder Bremen, but they won't make that mistake again.

Inter - Villareal
Who I want to win: Villareal. Mostly because I like AC Milan, and therefore I don't like Inter.

Who will win: Inter. Villareal have been lucky just to make it this far. Inter is going to bring them back down to earth.

Lyon - Milan
Who I want to win: Milan. The one Italian team that I (sort of) cheer for.

Who will win: Lyon. I haven't seen them play yet, but they've been dominant so far, and YNBA has them tipped to go all the way. Plus, I figure there's no way we'll get three Italian teams in the semi-finals.

Juventus over Internazionale
Barcelona over Lyon

And then Barca to win the whole shebang. Just to make Jose Mourinho cry.


ynba said...

Aw. It's cute how you think I have the slightest idea what I'm talking about. I am a sparkling 5 of 8 for my predictions, though, so maybe I *do* know something you don't. (Then again, I thought Liverpool would get that in a cakewalk. Maybe not.)

footie girl said...

Ha, well, my picks have been terrible, even though I like to think I know something about football. Whereas I'm leading my office March Madness pool once again.

I think I might've picked Lyon if I'd ever actually seen them play, but we never get the French games here.