Sunday, June 18, 2006

On hiatus

As of yesterday, I'm officially on vacation. Great, right? Except that I'm going to be spending the next week at a cottage...with no cable TV. In the middle of the World Cup.

The idea that I could be missing more crazy games like the knock-down, drag-out brawl that was Italy v. USA is almost enough to make me cry. Except that I've got a black eye right now -- earned in my own game on Friday night -- and that'd probably just make it hurt more. (I'm proud to report, though, that I didn't go down when I got hit, which makes me officially 752 times tougher than Arjen Robben.)

And I've been promised that we'll find a pub in town that's showing the England-Sweden game on Tuesday. Although if England keep playing like they don't really want to win after all, that could make me cry too.

See y'all in the round of 16.


rafalution said...

what the hell was thatfirst comment all about never mind... but listen get yourself down the pub and watch as many games as possible in a `proper football atmosphere´

footie girl said...

Looked like spam to me, so I've deleted it.

But yeah, I agree with you that watching the games in a pub is the best for atmosphere. Even if it's some dive in northern Ontario, like I was this week.