Tuesday, June 13, 2006

World Cup, part deux

World Cup Hair Watch:

  • Czech Republic substitute Jan Polak made a valiant effort to challenge for the Bad Hair Award, but the combination fauxhawk-mullet is sadly played out. Yes, already.
  • I think we may have to declare a winner, actually, after seeing the wonderfully named Loco of Angola, who's shaved his entire head except for a braided fringe at the front. It's sort of reminiscent of Ronaldo in 2002, but much, much worse.
  • Francesco Totti, meanwhile, has cut his hair and is practically unrecognizable (meaning, I almost find him attractive now).
  • And Liverpool fans will be relieved to note that Harry Kewell has cut off his stupid ponytail, which is a vast improvement. He also managed to make it through all 90 minutes of yesterday's game without crumpling with a groin injury -- maybe all that hair was weighing him down before?

Other burning questions:
  • Are they really playing "Go West" by the Pet Shop Boys at the end of every match? Why, for the love of god, why?
  • If the players are complaining about the weather being too hot, why are half of them wearing long-sleeved shirts? I know footballers aren't supposed to be that bright, but come on. Also, Cristiano Ronaldo seemed to have cut slits in the sleeves of his jersey, for no apparent reason other than to make himself look like a bigger prat than usual.
  • Speaking of perplexing team uniforms, why did Puma design kits for the Azzurri that make them look like they've got permanent pit stains?

Oh, yeah, there were some football matches too.

  • Serbia & Montenegro 0-1 Holland: Arjen Robben is a prick, but damn if he can't play football when he wants to. It's infuriating, actually. As for Serbia & Montenegro (soon to be just Serbia), their defence was solid enough to keep the Oranje out for the most part, but I don't think their attack is good enough to take them deep into the tournament.

  • Mexico 3-1 Iran: The 3-1 scoreline makes this game sound a lot more exciting than it actually was. I mean, it wasn't as bad as England-Paraguay or anything, but then again neither is my rec league.

  • Angola 0-1 Portugal: Angola seemed to have stage fright for the first five minutes or so, but after that they settled down and stopped making Portugal look nearly so good (or, at least, they stopped letting Figo, who is not exactly known for his pace, burst past their defenders). Best moment of the match: the commentator noting, when Cristiano Ronaldo got substituted, that he looked like he was "about to throw his teddy bear out of the pram."

  • USA 0-3 Czech Republic: I am a little too gleeful about this one. The Czechs played very well -- they might even justify their #2 FIFA ranking -- but the USA at #5 is a joke. The Americans had plenty of possession but never looked dangerous when they got near the goal. In other news, Arsene Wenger now looks like a genius for buying Tomas Rosicky, and Bruce Arena somehow doesn't even have to open his mouth for me to want to smack him in the face.

  • Italy 2-0 Ghana: Michael Essien was much more impressive for Ghana than he has been so far for Chelsea -- possibly because he didn't spend the entire game either trying to cover for Frank Lampard or making ugly tackles. Italy looked fairly solid -- based on their play, they seem to be doing a good job of ignoring the match-fixing scandal -- but their strikers aren't quite clicking, as you can tell by the fact that it took a Steven-Gerrard-to-Thierry-Henry-esque backpass to give them the second goal.

  • Australia 3-1 Japan: How much do you wish that Guus Hiddink was going to be the next England coach? Now this is a man who knows how to use substitutes to turn a game around.


Jones said...

"I don't think their attack is good enough to take them deep into the tournament."
When your star striker is Kezman... that's a problem.

I was happy to see the Czechs disprove somewhat the accusations of "overrated" I've seen levelled against them. They were great at Euro 2004 and if Nedved can go 5 minutes without getting injured I think they could go really far this time. (Having said that, watch them get embarassed by Australia in the next round or something.)

Guus Hiddink is a magical imp whose fairy dust imbues teams with improbable footballing powers. Fact.

footie girl said...

I was one of those people who thought the Czechs were overrated, but I hadn't really seen them play, so...yay for totally uninformed opinions. I think losing Jan Koller in injury is going to be a big blow for them, though.

And now I'm picturing Hiddink in a little green leprechaun costume. It's kind of disturbing.

skribe said...

The last time around, the easy games were China and Saudi Arabia. This time around you'd probably say Australia and Trinidad & Tobago are the weak ones.
-- Bruce Arena

Get in line.

footie girl said...

Ha! At least neither the Aussies nor the Trinis lost their first game 3-0. Shut up, Arena.

Guto said...

Thank you! I thought I was going mad hearing "Go West" at the final whistle of EVERY SINGLE GAME! What the hell is going on?

Murtaza Malik said...

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