Wednesday, July 19, 2006

When does the season start again?

I'd forgotten how deadly boring the off-season was -- and it's worse this time because of the post-World Cup hangover. There's nothing going on right now except speculation about the Serie A fire sale (they're all going to end up at Real Madrid or Chelsea anyway) and arguments over whether Zidane was or was not an idiot to headbutt Materazzi (for the record: yes, he was).

Instead, I'm amusing myself by playing Transfer Window Bingo.

Get five in a row and you win!


ynba said...

Um, I totally didn't mean to plagiarize your post title. Sorry.

(God, transfer season so boring.)

Horse N. Buggy said...

I have just discovered that I like soccer. I think I've decided to support Arsenal. I'm thrilled by the rumors saying that Ribery may be coming over, but trying not to get too excited about it since his current club wants to keep him.

I kinda wanted to support Chelsea, but I couldn't face myself for being a bandwaggon jumper.