Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Second verse, same as the first: Shut up, Jose

Everybody's favourite whinger is complaining about the seeding for the Champions League draw.

"It is the best competition in the world but you don't see the best clubs in the semi-finals," he said. "For me the competition is not correct and you are in a lucky situation if the best team in Europe wins the competition."

Um. Like when Porto won, then?

Mourinho doesn't like the fact that Chelsea could be put in a tough group and, if they end up finishing second, face one of the group winners in the next round. (Like last year, where they finished second to Liverpool and then had to play Barcelona.)

And, you know, there's a simple solution to that. Win your group. If Chelsea is really as fucking good as he thinks, then shouldn't they be able to win the competition anyway, without UEFA bending over backwards to make it easier?

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