Monday, September 18, 2006

Premiership Weekend Roundup: September 16-17

I didn't see most of the games this weekend, because I was playing in a tournament. Unfortunately, we got knocked out on penalties in the quarter-finals. So now I know how it feels to play for England.

The upside was that we were out early enough to head to the pub for a big greasy breakfast and watch the United-Arsenal match.

Question of the day: Why spend £18 million on Michael Carrick if you're going to leave him on the bench for the big games? I can understand wanting someone more defensive in midfield, but there's not much point in (theoretically) winning the ball if they're just going to give away possession immediately afterward. (I should note that my slightly irrational thing for Irish midfielders does not extend to John O'Shea, largely because I don't consider him a midfielder. I barely consider him a footballer, in fact.)

I shouldn't just blame O'Shea, though. The entire team was guilty of some lazy play and sloppy passing, and they paid for it in the end.

At least it was an entertaining game to watch. Any day where I can see the United keeper save a penalty, and Jens Lehmann get cracked in the face, isn't all bad.

Other results
Blackburn 4-2 Manchester City
Fucking Chelsea 1-0 Liverpool
Tottenham 0-0 Fulham
West Ham 0-2 Newcastle
Bolton 0-0 Middlesbrough
Charlton 0-1 Portsmouth
Everton 2-2 Wigan
Sheffield United 1-2 Reading
Watford 0-0 Aston Villa

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