Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Champions League Matchday 3: October 17

Manchester United 3-0 Copenhagen

For a brief, shining moment at the beginning of the game, I thought that ESPN had decided to get rid of their blight of a scoreboard across the top of the screen. (Seriously, who designed that thing? Is their entire graphics department utterly incompetent?) And then it reappeard, and the baby Jesus wept.

And I went back to being annoyed by Tommy Smyth. In the first two minutes of the game, he managed to refer to John o'Shea as "Mr. Fix-It." Which: sure. If by "fix it" you mean giving the ball away repeatedly, falling over on his arse for no apparent reason, and eventually popping up with a goal that even Frank Lampard would scorn as too flukey.

There may have been some other highlights in there, but I have to admit that I fell asleep for part of the game. This may or may not have been due to Michael Carrick. But anyway, a good result for United, putting them firmly in control of their group.

Also: Wayne Rooney. Captaining United. In a Champions League tie. WORLD GONE MAD. (Actually, it may not have been such a bad idea. At least nobody's dangly bits got stamped on.)

Other results
Steaua Bucharest 1-4 Real Madrid
Dynamo Kiev 0-3 Lyon
Celtic 3-0 Benfica
CSKA Moscow 1-0 Arsenal
Porto 4-1 Hamburg
Lille 3-1 AEK Athens
Anderlecht 0-1 AC Milan

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