Friday, October 27, 2006

Dot dot dot

Jurgen Klinsmann has a MySpace?

The internets are a strange place indeed. I wonder if Sven-Goran Eriksson has one too...

(Thanks to The Offside for the link.)


sarah said...


Oh, Myspace.

Also, have you see this? I promise, it's relevant.

Jones said...

I almost posted a link to this in my LJ the other day! It's very wtf. It's nice for a MySpace page though.

Also, it makes me sad that it looks like he's going to coach the US. Part of the joy of the World Cup is always knowing that the US will go in with high hopes and exit shrouded in the stench of inevitable defeat.

footie girl said...

Yeah, I kind of don't want to see him with the USMNT either. But on the other hand, anything is an improvement over having to look at Bruce Arena's smug-ass face on the bench in 2010.

sarah said...

I want him there. Maybe it'll help me like them more. That and the little ones (shut up) I like getting picked.