Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Frank Lampard isn't crap, he's just confused

He apparently thinks that his job is to get into the box and score goals. Rather than, say, tackling or passing or any of those other things that midfielders generally do.

Here's what Lampard had to say, commenting on England's likely 3-5-2 formation against Croatia, with Scott Parker and Michael Carrick alongside him in central midfield:

"If you play with two of those holding type players in there it would give me more freedom to get forward. If you play with one, there will be more responsibility to be involved in the midfield and maybe try to get a grip of the game rather than get in the box so often."

And from an article a few months ago:

"What I haven't got is as many goals, and that's something that bothers me because I think like a striker - if I haven't scored I'm not happy, however well I've played. I do need to get among the goals again."

Please, somebody sit Frankie down -- using small words, so he'll be sure to understand -- and explain to him that HE IS NOT A STRIKER.

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