Thursday, November 23, 2006

Champions League Matchday 5: November 22

Liverpool 2-0 PSV Eindhoven
Nice to see Liverpool guaranteeing themselves first place in the group (see? It's the red kits). Would've been nicer if they hadn't lost three-quarters of their midfield in the process. Also, Steven Gerrard has apparently decided only to score in Europe this season, for no other reason than to thwart my fantasy football team.

Werder Bremen 1-0 Chelsea
Conspiracy theories, anyone? Actually, no, I don't think that Chelsea threw the game -- I doubt that even Jose Mourinho is Machiavellian enough to have contrived that non-existent foul that eventually led to the goal -- but I don't think they played very hard either. Also, congratulations to John Terry for getting himself booked and suspended for their next game because he threw the ball away. Very captainly, that.

Spartak Moscow 2-2 Bayern Munich
Best moment of the game: Kovac's unique goal celebration, when he limped off the field clutching his groin, after what the commentators praised as excellent ball control in front of the net. *snerk*

Other results
Levski Sofia 0-2 Barcelona
Inter Milan 1-0 Sporting Lisbon
Bordeaux 3-1 Galatasaray
Valencia 2-0 Olympiacos
Shakhtar Donetsk 1-0 Roma


John Tegjeu said...

Hey Footie G ..... first time on your page!!! And of course the first thing i noticed is the Liverpool & Man U thing Hahahaha 2 clubs? .... have you every got beaten up yet!!!. :P

Will be back to check out what you wrote about after the Chelsea - MU match...... frankly i want a draw

P.S It's nice to see a girl from North America blog about soccer for a change :)

Gunner For Life!!!!!

linda said...

I agree with you about Chelsea. Ah well, no harm, no foul. It's not like they owe Barca anything. We'll just have to do all the hard work by ourselves, as it should be.