Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Somebody call the waaaaahmbulance

Another day, another story about Chelsea's raging entitlement complex.

Says that model of integrity Ashley Cole:

"When I was at Arsenal and we started to win things, the refs started to question our discipline and give us yellow cards. I have come to Chelsea and it's exactly the same.... I'm not saying [they are] against Chelsea, but that goal, there was nothing wrong with it -- and even if JT was involved with something, he was nowhere near the ball."

Oh, but Ashley doesn't want to moan about it. Good to know.

Yes, the referees do get it wrong sometimes, and when they do, they should be held accountabl for it. Graham Poll hasn't helped his case by supposedly giving two different reasons for John Terry's second yellow card. But if you've watched Chelsea's last couple of games, the players have been arguing virtually every call. Which is not only disrespectful to the officials, it also makes them even less likely to be sympathetic the next time there's a 50/50 decision. So really, it's just plain stupid. But since when has stupidity among footballers been such a surprise?

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Anonymous said...

Well, I don't think that we should be surprised in the slightest that Cole, yet again, has shown the sort of self-awareness normally reserved for Conservative politicians appearing on "Children In Need". I've tried writing about how I feel about Chelsea, but the red mist descends and suddenly my spelling and grammar are all over the place. Even more than usual.