Tuesday, December 26, 2006

So this is Christmas, and what have you done?

I am, sadly, going to miss the Boxing Day matches because I'm stuck at work today. I suppose this is the price I pay for gallivanting off to Japan for a week. So here I am at my desk, trying to recover from a glut of turkey and stuffing, cursing Five Live's UK-only streaming audio, and considering whether I can nip off to the pub at lunch to catch part of United v. Wigan.

I did at least get to see the games I cared about on Saturday. United beat Aston Villa 3-0, despite Wayne Rooney being first left on the bench and then brought on to inexplicably play right wing, thanks to two goals from Cristiano Ronaldo plus a beautiful volley from Paul Scholes. Liverpool won too, 2-0 over Watford, Xabi Alonso scored, and all was well in my world. Then I switched over to catch the last few minutes of Chelsea v. Wigan, saw that it was tied, and things were even better. And then Arjen Robben scored. Hmph.

The other games that you might have missed while you were finishing your Christmas shopping:

Arsenal 6 - 2 Blackburn
Fulham 0 - 0 West Ham
Man City 0 - 2 Bolton
Middlesbrough 2 - 0 Charlton
Newcastle 3 - 1 Tottenham
Portsmouth 3 - 1 Sheffield Utd
Reading 0 - 2 Everton

In other news, Alan Pardew has been named as the new manager at Charlton, replacing Les Reed, who replaced Iain Dowie, who replaced Alan Curbishley, who replaced Pardew at West Ham. Which means that Curbishley and Pardew have basically just switched places. Kind of makes you wonder why they'd even bother, eh? Although I'd like to see other teams trying this type of managerial swap. How about Jose Mourinho for Neil Warnock? If only so that we could see what happens when you try to drive a tractor through London.

And finally, a random video to keep you entertained: If there are footballers looking like tools on the internet, it must be a day that ends in y. Today it's Man United's turn.

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