Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bored now

It's been, what, barely a week? And I am already so over the Jose Mourinho vs. Roman Abramovich saga. Not to mention David Beckham vs. Real Madrid

Instead, today I bring you various other news of megalomania and insanity.

Sepp Blatter's latest brainwave: doing away with penalty shootouts in the World Cup final. Now, I hate games being decided by penalties as much as the next person (yes, even when it means that Liverpool wins), but even so, this seems like a spectacularly dumb idea. Blatter's proposal is that the teams would replay the game 48 hours later at the same venue. Because that won't cause any problems at all for the organizers, the exhausted players, or the fans who've flown in from all over the world and will now have to explain to their bosses that they need an extra two days of holidays.

Terrifying image of the week: Victoria Beckham in a car with Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Jennifer Lopez and her undead husband. No indication of where David was. Possibly in the trunk. Or running as far away as humanly possible.

Ok, I wasn't going to mention Chelsea, but this is just too good: Sven-Goran Eriksson apparently wants to take over from Jose Mourinho. That is sheer brilliance. A year from now, Chelsea will be playing in a toothless 4-5-1 with Stewart Downing and Theo Walcott on the wings, completely crap at taking penalties and defending set plays, and getting knocked out of every competition in the quarter-finals.


sarah said...

Sven managing Chelsea would be hilarious. Although he probably couldn't afford Theo, so he'd have to settle for someone else.

Jen said...

Maybe SWP would finally get a game?

Tony said...

Penalties - Blatters madness reigns supreme. Nah, here's a novel and better idea. Take the penalties before the game. The team that wins the shootout may then be tempted to play for the draw, always dangerous, whilst the team that loses will do thier best to win. There's still a lottery element but at least the cruel tension is removed after the game because everyone knows where they stand.

Please, no Sven, don't kick a team when its down.

Jones said...

If Sven goes to Chelsea, I'm quitting as a fan. No kidding.

Not that I think it'll actually happen. Then again, considering who's pulling the strings behind the scenes these days... *sigh* I miss the Zola era.