Sunday, February 25, 2007

Carling Cup Final: Chelsea 2 - 1 Arsenal

I was just kidding about that John Terry voodoo doll, y'all. But now I'm starting to suspect that somebody out there really does have one. Who is it? Fess up now. My first thought was Jamie Carragher, but now I'd put my money on Frank Lampard. I know that sounds crazy, especially since he and JT are in big gay love. But this way he gets to wear the captain's armband and be the one to lift the trophy. Plus it means that Michael Essien has to move back to defence and can't keep showing him up in midfield. It's sort of diabolically clever.

Wait; I'm giving him too much credit, aren't I?

By itself, John Terry getting kicked in the head would have been enough to make this game a classic. But it also had a little bit of everything:

I'm sure that last incident is going to mean a good deal of hand-wringing. But maybe they should just be grateful that none of the players tried to cut each other with a machete.

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