Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Shut up, Spain (and you too, Portugal)

If the entire Iberian peninsula could stop speculating about Cristiano Ronaldo moving to Barcelona and/or Real Madrid next season, I would really appreciate it.

I know they have to sell papers, but this is starting to remind me of that stupid, endless Steven-Gerrard-to-Chelsea-or-maybe-not saga. And we all know how much that sucked.

Plus, what's the attraction for Ronaldo in moving to La Liga right now? (Other than being able to work on his tan and practice falling over without people booing him all the time, of course.) First of all, he'd have to play second fiddle to Ronaldinho wherever he went. Plus, Barcelona and Real Madrid are both having a bit of a meltdown -- with Samuel Eto'o having a hissy fit at the Nou Camp, and Real turning to David Beckham of all people to restore their dignity -- and neither team even seems to be sure that they'll have the same manager next year.

United, on the other hand, are solidly on top of the Premiership, and he's probably been their player of the season. He couldn't ask for a better opportunity to not only win trophies but also make himself into an even bigger star.

(God, when did I start liking Ronaldo? I feel dirty now.)

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linda said...

I know it probably sounds hypocritical of a Barca supporter to say this, but I know how you feel right now, what with the entire Barca squad (including the coach) apparently moving to Italy or England in the summer.

For what it's worth, I don't think Ronaldo is going anywhere - if the vitriol from the stands didn't get him down after the World Cup, then surely he can keep going at it now. If anything, he's gotten a lot more support since then.

(Hate on the Spanish sporting press - they're the ones stirring up silly rumours all the time.)