Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Oh, Canada

TSN, as usual, has been showing the Champions League games here. Not live, of course. Yesterday we got curling instead. (Yes, again. It's always curling, for some reason.) But Milan v. Bayern Munich was supposed to be on at 8pm, according to the schedule on their website.

This was a big fat lie. I duly turned on my TV at 8pm, only to A Leafs game, to be precise. They won in overtime to keep their playoff hopes alive, which is great, except that I don't really care about hockey unless (a) it's the Olympics or (b) the Leafs have won a playoff game and there are obnoxious fans honking their horns outside my apartment.

Now, it's hardly a surprise that they'd choose to show hockey instead of soccer, this being Canada and all. But I don't understand why none of the geniuses at TSN bothered to keep their broadcast schedule up to date. I'm still sick, so I'm cranky, and this isn't helping.

Also cranky-making: this news that most of the Premiership games are going to be broadcast on Setanta, not Sportsnet, next year. This means I'm probably going to have to shell out the money for digital cable. Either that or spend even more time than I already do at the pub, which could be fun, but also somewhat detrimental to my wallet.

And further annoying me is the forecast for snow this weekend, meaning that the outdoor scrimmage we had scheduled is not likely to happen. It is APRIL. WHAT THE HELL.

(What passes for analysis of the Champions League games will be up later, once I've had the chance to, you know, actually watch them. For the moment: Go Valencia.)


thebench said...

Wow, Footie-girl I have no idea how on earth you got out of bed this morning after all these terrible things happening to you.

Are you ok now? Do you need anything?

That being said I thoroughly enjoyed your whine-fest. It helped me greatly take my mind off my impending "el cochocar" surgery.

Maybe we get a little more positive next time?

Jen said...

It was tough, but I managed somehow.

Up next: ranting about Tommy Smyth, Paul Scholes' continuing inability to tackle, the Italian police, and why TSN still suck.

Good luck with the surgery!