Monday, June 11, 2007

I feel like I should care about the Gold Cup

And yet, no.

Maybe it's because I'm in full-on summer mode, which means I'd rather be outside playing soccer than writing about it. (Unless y'all want to hear about how my team totally got shafted by the referee on Friday. No? Didn't think so.)

Or then again, maybe it's because Canada lost to Guadeloupe in their last game. Yeah. Guadeloupe. After beating Costa Rica to start the tournament. One step forward, two steps back. Anyway, they face Haiti tonight in their final group match, with qualification for the next round still undecided.

In the other two groups, the USA already have six points from two matches in Group B and are assured a spot in the quarter-finals. Mexico, who you'd expect to be the other big name, lost to Honduras and are down in third place in a very tight Group C. They still have a chance to progress, though, because the tournament is set up so that the top two finishers from each group plus the next two best teams all go through.

Other things I am trying, and failing, to care about right now:

  • England, David Beckham's renaissance, Euro 2008 qualifying, and Steve McClaren's attempts to remove his head from his ass.
  • The European U21 tournament (me and David Bentley, apparently).
  • The topsy-turvy penultimate weekend in La Liga and Leo Messi's hand-of-god goal. (When did I start disliking Barca more than Real Madrid? I feel very weird about this.)
  • Toronto FC, who lost 2-1 to New York Red Bulls last week, after taking the lead in the first half but giving up two quick goals from Juan Pablo Angel in the last half-hour. I think I'm a bad fan because I don't pay much attention to them unless I'm actually at the games.
  • The rumours about Man United buying Carlos Tevez, presumably as part of Sir Alex's quest to assemble the fugliest team in the Premiership. (This is the complete opposite of Arsene Wenger's policy, which involves only buying nubile young French boys.)

One day there will be proper content up here again. But it is not this day.


weenie said...

You know for a moment there, I thought you were talking about a melon. But that's cantaloupe.... my knowledge of anything outside of the UK is pretty non-existant, sorry!

Beckham's renaissance - couldn't have come at a better time and I hope he is included in the 2008 squad - there's no way he should be left out.


Amanda said...

I adore this post. I'm only caring about the Gold Cup because 1) the tinies are cute, and 2) I'm in hardcore withdrawal from the real season. I hate odd-numbered summers.

jboy3533 said...

my withdrawal is so bad I'm getting antsy about the fixture release on thursday

weenie said...

Ooh, the first Manc Derby is in August, so early on in the season - I should be able to get tickets for that one!