Tuesday, August 21, 2007

457 channels and nothing on

You know, you'd think that with my having caved and got Setanta -- i.e., a 24-hour soccer channel -- I would be guaranteed to always have something on TV to watch.

And yet, this is sadly not the case. Unless I want to suffer through the Manchester derby again, which, not so much. Come on, people. Don't make me watch my copy of the 2005 Champions League final again.


Anyway, have a couple of useful links, for those of you here in Canuckistan:

Soccer on Canadian TV channels
Setanta Canada schedule

Ooh, there's MUTV reserve highlights on later...


Anonymous said...

Setanta is awesome. They even have hurling, Gaelic football and Australian Rules. Plus the Rugby World Cup in Sept. Yes I'm a walking advert for them.
Some days are better than others for viewing though.

Jen said...

I just might end up getting into rugby this year. Oh god.

Anonymous said...

I love the politeness of rugby. Last night I heard a ref say 'I'd like to not see any more body stamping...please and thank you'. And people think cricket is polite.