Friday, August 03, 2007

One neverending transfer saga down, one more to go...

At long last, the Carlos Tevez debacle is coming to an end. The parties involved appear to have reached a compromise that will let him join Manchester United. MSI/Joorabchian/whoever have agreed to pay West Ham £2 million to cancel Tevez's registration and leave him free to sign for another club. That would presumably be United, with a two-year loan deal for about £5 million a year. So everybody's happy, especially the Premier League, who were moronic enough to go along with West Ham's claim that they'd torn up their contract with MSI and everything was tickety-boo. Now they get to save face by saying that this proves Tevez belonged to the Hammers all along and there was absolutely nothing dodgy about letting him play out the season in exchange for a fine. Well done.

There's still another kerfuffle involving United, an Argentinian player, and lots of people threatening to sue each other, though, for those of you who like that sort of thing. Gabriel Heinze has been continuing his attempts to escape from the dungeons of Old Trafford and move to Liverpool. I can understand why he'd want to leave for someplace where he'd have a better chance at first-team football. And I can understand why Liverpool would want to buy him, since they don't really have a proper left back at the moment. What I can't understand is why he, his agent, or Rafa Benitez is delusional enough to think that United would actually be willing to sell him to them.

It's not just the Liverpool-United rivalry, although that's undoubtedly a factor. I doubt that they'd want Heinze moving to any of their Premiership rivals. I don't think they would have wanted to sell him at all, in fact, because who else is there as backup for Evra? (Oh yeah, Silvestre. I completely forgot about him, which is probably not a good sign.) They might have been willing for him to move to a European team, if he'd handled things differently, but as it is, he's probably going to rot in the reserves for a while. Serves him right. After all, if he wanted to leave so badly, why didn't he just buy himself out of his contract when he had the chance?

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Footie Score said...

Yes.. finally, we've got him!

I see what you mean about supporting Liverpool and United at the same time. I've always enjoyed Liverpool games but have been a United fan for a while now even although I barely remember watching the finale to treble against Bayern.

Good blog, a nice read.. and good to know that someone from Canada enjoys their footie!