Monday, November 19, 2007

MLS Cup: Houston Dynamo 2-1 New England Revolution

I tried to watch the MLS Cup. I really did. But that was not good.

And I'm not just talking about ABC's production values -- the overcrowded commentary booth, the weird camera angles, the constant cuts away from the action, the excessive candy-coloured graphics. It's like they're broadcasting for hyperactive four-year-olds.

On the other hand, maybe they were just trying to compensate for the game itelf, because quality of play on the field wasn't great either. Both teams displayed a shocking lack of ability to hold on to the ball for more than two or three passes. It was like watching England to the nth power.

Which, actually, makes it not too surprising that two of the three goals came from crosses headed in -- Taylor Twellman opening the scoring for New England in the first half, and Dwayne De Rosario scoring Houston's second -- with the other one coming when Joseph Ngwenya equalized after a scramble in the box. No pretty flowing passing moves here, nosirree! That's for wimps like Arsenal, or Brazil! You know, those team that are actually good.

Still, I'm vaguely pleased that Houston won, with De Rosario scoring the winning goal. I have to cheer for my Canadian boys. This makes it Houston's second MLS Cup win in a row, while New England have now been to the final for the past three years (they lost to Houston on penalties in 2006) and not won once, which makes them big choking chokers who choke.

Also, Taylor Twellman needs to stop trying to show off his pecs and get himself a shirt that fits properly.

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