Friday, December 21, 2007

At least it's not Liverpool v Chelsea AGAIN

(Yes, I know that Liverpool couldn't actually have been drawn against Chelsea this time. That is not the point.)

Instead, Liverpool have to face Inter, lucky them. I guess this is what they get for fucking around in the first three group games. On the other hand, at least they know that it's going to be a tough match, and will be taking nothing for granted. They do always seem to psych themselves up and outperform in these big games.

United, meanwhile, have been rewarded for cruising through the group stage by being matched up against Lyon -- probably the toughest of the second seeds they could have gotten, although I still think United should be the clear favourites.

Probably the most interesting match-up is going to be Arsenal versus Milan -- Wenger's bébés against the Geriatricos. Sarah's head is exploding right now. Roma versus Real Madrid should also be a cracker, if only to see if Iker Casillas finally snaps and throttles one of his own defenders.

The draw:
Celtic v Barcelona
Lyon v Manchester United
Schalke v Porto
Liverpool v Inter
Roma v Real Madrid
Arsenal v Milan
Olympiakos v Chelsea
Fenerbahçe v Sevilla

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Sarah said...

Exploding into TINY LITTLE PIECES.