Monday, January 28, 2008

Hairstyles and other randomness

I didn't see any of the FA Cup games, but I don't think I missed much, because all of them went pretty much as you'd expect. Even Liverpool going behind twice to Havant & Waterlooville was typical of the way they've tried to make things as hard as possible for themselves this season.

(And now Man United have been drawn against Arsenal in the next round. Wonderful. Maybe their strikers can bitch-slap each other some more.)

Actually, the result I found most interesting was from Serie A, where Milan won at the San Siro for a change and are finally showing signs that they might not utterly waste Paolo Maldini's final season. (Less time with the hair gel and more time with the shooting practice, boys. Thank you.) Their two goals came courtesy of Pato, the Rossoneri's latest saviour, who is adorable but needs to do something about that fro. (Don't be taking styling tips from Ronaldo, kid. Either the fat one or the pouty one.)

Also: Ashley Cole = all class.

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