Friday, April 18, 2008

Random Friday news

  • I'm off to the home opener for Toronto FC tomorrow afternoon. Toronto are coming off a somewhat surprising 3-2 victory over the LA Galaxy, thanks to a late goal from Jeff Cunningham. (Which reminds me, I really ought to track down the highlights from that game, just so that I can laugh at Landon Donovan.) They face Real Salt Lake, whose last game was a 4-0 win again last year's champions DC United. I have no idea what their chances are, really, but it's supposed to be a warm, sunny afternoon down by the lake, so I don't much care.

  • The Canadian women's team is going to the Olympics for the first time ever, after finishing second in the CONCACAF qualifying tournament last weekend. Canada beat Mexico 1-0 in the semi-finals to guarantee their spot in China this summer, and followed that up with a relatively meaningless 1-1 draw against the USA in the final, eventually losing 6-5 on penalties. The two teams will have a rematch next month in a friendly at RFK Stadium in Washington, DC.

  • I suppose the title race in the Premiership is back on again -- they seem to change their minds on this every few days -- after Chelsea beat Everton 1-0 yesterday, leaving them just two points behind Manchester United. But they've also played one game more, and the draw with Wigan on Monday kind of took their legs out from under them (I have never liked Emile Heskey as much as I did then). Also, Avram Grant appears to be having some sort of meltdown.

  • I continue to be irritated and slightly befuddled by the soap opera at Liverpool, but as far as I can tell it's boiled down to Hicks + Rafa versus Gillett + Parry. And I think what they should do to settle this whole thing is some WWF-style tag team wrestling. They could sell tickets, and the TV rights, and maybe even earn enough money to buy Fernando Torres for real.

  • Finally, there's an interesting discussion over on Pitch Invasion about football fandom and gender. I half wanted to get involved, but I think first I have to brush up on my notes from my anthropological theory class. Anyway, check go it out.

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