Sunday, May 25, 2008

I'm in withdrawal

And the Football League playoffs are not really doing much to help with that. Although I see that Doncaster have just won, which is nice, because we're all supposed to hate Leeds, right?

Anyway, for those of you who, like me, are desperate for some football to watch between now and the kick-off of Euro 2008 in a couple weeks, TSN is showing classic games from previous tournaments (thanks to The Footie Fool for the tip-off). These seem to be condensed versions of the games, though -- my DVR shows them as being only an hour each, rather than the full 90 minutes.

Also, if you get TLN, they're showing recaps of some previous World Cups, starting with the 1982 tournament in Spain this afternoon at 2:30 pm.

As for Euro 2008 itself, here in Canada, TSN and CBC are splitting the broadcast rights. Neither of them has a complete broadcast schedule up on their website, at least not that I can find (bad form, guys), but they're all listed here. I'm just hoping that they'll be using the international commentary instead of whatever horrors ESPN puts together.


Anonymous said...

If only you had some sort of domestic league to support. It would undoubtedly be of a standard similar to the championship, but surely you could derrive some sort of entertainment from it.

Oh if only ...

Lazynative said...

Not the same standard but if you can get it, the Scandinavian leagues run through the summer. The Swedish and Norwegian leagues are quite watchable and the Finnish one is crazy for goals. Better standard in the Russian league as well; but that maybe hard to get live tv on (quite a few South American talents here) and of course you have the Brazilian and Argentinian leagues which are very entertaining.

Jen said...

Yes, if only I could watch my local team's games. If only I had season tickets, so I could watch them play live.