Thursday, May 29, 2008

Like sands through the hour-glass

Chelsea have become quite the soap opera, haven't they? First they sack Avram Grant, about 10 minutes after he came within a few inches of winning the Champions League. They promise -- cross our hearts and hope to die -- not to sack his assistant Henk Ten Cate, and then, less than a week later, they go ahead and do it anyway. So much for those rumours about Frank Rijkaard coming to Stamford Bride, eh?

Actually, what with the possibility that it'll be the recently fired Roberto Mancini taking over, while Jose Mourinho replaces him at Inter, it's a turning into a love quadrangle worthy of Days of Our Lives. I can just picture Roman Abramovich in the role of Stefano DiMera.

All we need now is for Zlatan Ibrahimovic to be possessed by the devil, Shawn Wright-Phillips to go off to a magical Swiss boarding school and come back 5 years older and 6 inches taller, and Marco Materazzi to be revealed as John Terry's long-lost evil twin.

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Tote Soccer Pro said...

Well there's something new: Peter Kenyon is a horrible, untrustworty, lying excuse for a human being.

Anyway, i heard a story that Frank Rijkaard and Henk Ten Cate had a big fallout, so who knows.

Still think Scolari is the man though.