Sunday, June 01, 2008

I should just give up my Setanta subscription for the summer, shouldn't I?

Because I'm paying $15 a month, and Greece v Armenia is the best they can do? Really?

They are showing England's game against Trinidad & Tobago, but not until tomorrow -- and even then I'm not sure it's worth watching, seeing as it's basically an exercise in sucking up to that odious little toad Jack Warner.

I do kind of want to see Spain v Peru, mostly because Xabi actually got to play for once (please don't go to Juve!). Spain won 2-1, incidentally. Also, Fernando Torres did his best to get naked without actually taking any clothes off -- which, you know, I applaud the effort.

Does anybody care about international friendlies, really? Even the people who are playing in them? I mean, look at the results over the past few days, and the virtually only thing that stands out in the mass of one- or two-goal games is Switzerland and Austria beating up on Malta and Liechtenstein. And a fat lot of good that's going to do them once Euro 2008 starts and they crash and burn.

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