Sunday, June 08, 2008

A slightly different kind of Euro 2008 preview

Last week, Spangly Princess had an interesting post about how, as female football bloggers, we're sometimes reluctant to mention the attractiveness of the players, because we're afraid that readers will then discount our opinions about the game itself. It's something I worry about myself -- I may talk about players' hair, for example, but I try to keep the gushing about how lovely Xabi Alonso is to a minimum, for example.

Anyway, I mention all this as an aside to a bit of self-pimping: I recently participated in a Euro 2008 roundtable discussion organized by Dame of Extra Time over at Ladies..., in which we cover such essential topics as who's most likely to win it all, which players are going to have a breakout tournament, the rapidly dwindling number of hotass Italian defenders, and why Spain are so pretty and yet so frustrating. Part I and Part II.

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