Sunday, August 31, 2008

I am grumpy today.

Oh Liverpool. It is too early in the season for you to suck this badly. First the fiasco of Champions League qualification, then Gerrard and Torres both get hurt, and then an anemic draw against Villa, just to finish things off.

Meanwhile, United didn't have a Premiership game this week, because they were too busy losing to Zenit St. Petersburg in the Super Cup.

Oh, and Toronto lost yesterday too, in stoppage time. Excellent. I think maybe I'll just pretend that this week didn't happen.


John from Toronto said...

that Villa-Liverpool game had to me one of the most boring, dour spectacles I have ever seen.

and the loss of Torres is a big blow for the Reds.

Footie Fool said...

Canada will beat Honduras on Saturday and all will be right in the soccer world :)

weenie said...

Hey it's only the start of the season - be happy we're second in the league!!! Trying not to get a nosebleed from the dizzy heights!