Thursday, October 27, 2005

Carling Cup 3rd round: October 25-26

United 4-1 Barnet
That was a harsh call on the Barnet keeper -- I know it's a foul, obviously, but it didn't have to be a red card. You've got to feel bad for Ross Flitney and the rest of his team. But well done by the young United lads -- they all looked like they're about 12, and wow I feel old. Guiseppe Rossi, in particular, is off to a great start.

Chelsea 1-1 Charlton (Charlton wins 5-4 on penalties)

Jose Mourinho is ever the gracious loser.

"We didn't lose the game," the Chelsea manager insisted afterwards. "We lost on penalties. We were the best team on the pitch and their goal was a mistake. We had chances to win during the 90 minutes and in extra-time. They were lucky."

Crystal Palace 2-1 Liverpool
Lesson #1: When your team could desperately use a win -- as Liverpool so obviously does, brave words about having two games in hand and all that not withstanding -- perhaps it's not a good idea to replace three-quarters of your back line.

And the Reds' offence still continues to sputter -- Morientes wasted way too many good chances and Peter crouch looks less and less like he's ever going to score. Which brings us to...

Lesson #2: When Michael Owen is available, YOU BUY HIM. Hell, if I'd had a spare 17 million pounds, I'd have bought him myself. My Saturday league team could have used a good striker.

Rafa Benitez chewed his team out after their performance against Fulham. He was more encouraging after this game -- maybe figuring that tearing a strip off them hadn't helped much. This time it's Stevie G being justifiably pissed.

Tuesday's games
Sunderland 0-3 Arsenal
Aston Villa 1-0 Burnley
Blackburn 3-0 Leeds
Doncaster 2-0 Gillingham
Fulham 2-3 West Brom (aet)
Mansfield 2-3 Millwall
Reading 2-0 Sheff Utd
Wigan 3-0 Watford (aet)

Wednesday's games
Birmingham 2-1 Norwich
Bolton 1-0 West Ham
Cardiff 0-1 Leicester
Everton 0-1 Middlesbrough
Grimsby 0-1 Newcastle

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