Monday, December 12, 2005

Italian football: WTF.

I normally don't pay much attention to Italian football, despite getting three Serie A games on Telatino most weekends -- largely because I tend to spend the games yelling at the players to (a) stop diving and (b) WASH THEIR DAMN HAIR.

But when I noticed that the Milan derby was on Sunday, I figured I might as well watch. And, wow. Are the games always like this, or was this just an unusually crazy one? Two extremely dodgy penalty calls (whatever drugs the ref was on, I would like some of those, please), players bleeding all over the pitch, Jaap Stam generally being terrifying, and a little gymnastics display by Obafemi Martins.

I might have to start watching more often now. Because four Premiership games in a weekend just isn't enough.

That Kak√° sure is pretty, eh?

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Martha said...

Girl, Italy is where it's at! Even boring, mid-table games are full of all sorts of weirdness (and, yes, prettiness - shhhh). I have to admit that, given the viewing choice between Serie A and the Premiership, these days I always pick the former.

(And thanks for the link; I've added you as well!)