Monday, January 30, 2006

FA Cup 4th Round

Man United and Liverpool won; Chelsea and Arsenal did not. Doesn't take much more than that to make me happy.

Also: I don't really have anything against Robin van Persie, but man, this is classic.

United fielded another, um, interesting lineup, with Rio Ferdinand in central midfield. (I'd predicted 4-2-4, which was close -- this was more like 5-2-3.) Unorthodox, but it worked. So now of course people will be clamouring for Rio to play as a defensive midfielder for England, because why would you choose someone who's actually used to that role when you could stick someone else out of position? Anyway, United's attack was clicking well, and Louis Saha in particular looked dangerous. Now just as long as he doesn't come down with another hangnail or whatever... Nemanja Vidic also did a decent job at centre back -- a few miscues, but certainly better than Patrice Evra's debut. (Anyone else think he kind of looks like Victor Krum? Or have I just seen Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire too many times?)

Liverpool, on the other hand, didn't look nearly as dominant in their win over Portsmouth. They spent most of the game pinging the ball up and down the field without really stringing too many passes together. And their strikers continue to be incapable of putting the ball in the net. Hopefully Robbie Fowler will be able to make a difference in that department -- even though I think he's kind of an asshole, personally.

Lowlight of the game: the Fox Sports announcer who kept referring to Momo Sissoko as "Sisko." Like he was suddenly going to bust out in The Thong Song or something.

And now United and Liverpool have been drawn against each other in the fifth round. Well, fuck.

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