Friday, February 03, 2006

For the benefit of other footie girls out there...

Two case studies in how not to flirt about football:

Scene #1: A crowded pub, full of people watching the Liverpool-Portsmouth game. A guy (who happens to be a massive Liverpool fan) and a girl are mocking the commentator for mispronouncing Sissoko's name.

GUY: Yeah, the BBC gets Pepe Reina's name wrong all the time too.

GIRL: Really? What do they call him?

GUY: Jose.

GIRL: Um. Probably because that's actually his name.

GUY: It is?

GIRL: Yeah. Jose Manuel Reina.

OTHER GUY: I think Pepe's just a nickname.

GUY: Oh. I guess I'll just shut up now.

Scene #2: An elevator with one of those TVs showing a news story about the Super Bowl, which the same girl and a different guy are watching.

GUY: So, who are you cheering for in the Super Bowl?

GIRL: Um, I'm not sure.

GUY: No? You look like a football fan.

GIRL: Soccer, actually.

GUY: Real football.

GIRL: Exactly.

GUY: So who's your team?

GIRL: United. You?

GUY: Real Madrid.

GIRL: Oh. I'm so sorry.

GUY: ...


ynba said...

Ahahahaha. And this happened to a friend of yours?

footie girl said...

Yeah, a friend. Totally a friend. Not me.