Monday, February 13, 2006

Premiership Weekend Roundup: February 11-12

No entries in the past week because I was (a) studying for an exam and (b) in denial after Liverpool's 2-0 defeat to Charlton. But now my exam is over, and Chelsea lost, and all is right with the world once again.

Wigan 0 - 1 Liverpool
Liverpool badly needed this win, after their last few games. This was hardly a convincing result, though -- their strikers still can't buy a goal, despite Robbie Fowler getting his first start. Maybe they should make Sami Hyypia a centre forward? He seems to have a good touch for a big man.

Portsmouth 1 - 3 Manchester United
See, when Cristiano Ronaldo has a game like this, I sort of forget about what a little brat he is the rest of the time. United still don't have much of a midfield, although Giggs looked good until he came off at halftime. And at least the defence has stopped randomly sucking (at least temporarily). United took their foot off the gas in the second half and let Portsmouth steal one goal back, but they still dominated from start to finish. I'm actually optimistic about their chances in the FA Cup against Liverpool this weekend, although having said that, now it'll probably blow up in my face.

Middlesbrough 3 - 0 Chelsea
I kind of expected a lopsided scoreline from this game -- Middlesbrough, the team that lost 7-0 to Arsenal just last month, against the once and future champions? So there are no words for how sweet it was to watch Chelsea lose. I am positively full of glee. I think my favourite part was watching Yakubu turn John Terry inside out more than once (I kept waiting for him to break down and cry like a little girl again). Lowlight of the game: Joe Cole goes down like a cheap whore as usual, and one of the commentators remarks, "Joe Cole's not the type that goes down that easily." EXCUSE ME WHILE I LAUGH HYSTERICALLY.

Other results
Manchester City 3 - 2 Charlton
Sunderland 1 - 1 Tottenham
Arsenal 1 - 1 Bolton
Aston Villa 1 - 2 Newcastle
Everton 1 - 0 Blackburn
Fulham 6 - 1 West Brom


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