Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Champions League Matchday 4: Barcelona v. Chelsea by the numbers

  • Yellow cards: 10

  • Yellow cards (apparently) shown to Ashley Cole: 2

  • Players sent off (somewhat miraculously): 0

  • Times players ended up rolling around on the ground in agony: 83

  • Percentage of those incidents where they were actually injured: 12%

  • Groins stamped on: 2

  • "I meant to do, really" goals from Frank Lampard: 1

  • Times the idiot announcer referred to Frank Lampard as the Chelsea captain: 2

  • Times Leo Messi made the Chelsea defenders look like tits: 37

  • Insert your own "they don't really need any help with that" joke here

  • Times I yelled "Fuck off, Mourinho": Ohhh, infinite

Also, some brilliant post-match commentary from John Terry:

"It's a shame when you see world-class players trying to get others booked. Maybe Barcelona feel a bit threatened by us. They were under pressure from their own fans going into the game after losing at Stamford Bridge two weeks ago. They are a great side but we are not too sure why they are so cynical. They were waving cards in the referee's face and it's disappointing when he falls for it."

It's good to see that JT is above all that petty stuff.


Jones said...

"Times the idiot announcer referred to Frank Lampard as the Chelsea captain: 2"
Oh man, yes. AND he credited FF with JT's assist. AND this was all even more egregious considering how he spent the whole match slobbering over how great JT is.

Now, I could take some issue with your last point there about JT and attempting to influence the referee and whatnot, at least in the context of this particular game. But it's one of those things where you work up a good head of steam writing your first comment but then quickly realise that arguing about it is boring and pointless. So I won't bother. :)

But I do have to say that first picture demonstrates nothing but the hilarity of that whole to-do with Deco, and I say good for anyone who gets in his cheating little face. (Great player though he is.)

footie girl said...

I don't think that JT was the only one bitching to the ref -- not by a long shot. But I will take any opportunity to poke fun at him nevertheless.