Thursday, November 02, 2006

Champions League Matchday 4: RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR

Pop quiz: "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR" is the sound of...

a) Steven Gerrard finally scoring and rampaging around the pitch at Anfield like a toddler on a sugar high

b) Sir Alex Ferguson tearing a strip off the Manchester United players after stunk up the pitch in Copenhagen (even though, really, it's his own fault for starting John O'Shea)

c) Arsenal fans' frustration at seeing their team miss umpteen kazillion shots at an open net

d) All of the above


ynba said...

Mm, spam! I got that one, too.

On topic: that Arsenal game gets more and more hilarious the more I think about it. I was making fun of my friends at practice last night with the "are you Arsenal in disguise" chant.

Anonymous said...

I hereby declare today to be Schadenfreude Sunday. It's not very often that we'll get to see Arsenal and Chelsea both lose on the same day.

(Great blog, by the way - I've linked it from mine, if you don't mind)

footie girl said...

Arsenal lose, Chelsea lose, John Terry gets sent's a great day, as far as I'm concerned.

Thanks for the link!