Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The revolution may or may not be televised

Goal-line cameras, reality TV...it seems these days that nothing really happens unless it's been caught on tape. It's all so very meta. And in that spirit, I bring you the random news of the week:

A spy plane was spotted over Manchester United's Carrington training ground, filming the team's practice sessions. Which is just bizarre. And wasn't there a story last year about their dressing room being bugged? I can't imagine it'd be all that interesting. Unless you really care about Rio Ferdinand playing lame pranks on his teammates and whatnot.

Slightly more interesting: The Beckhams may be getting their own reality TV show. Because it's not like they aren't already the textbook definition of "over-exposed." And yet I would totally watch this. I know, I'm a sad person.

Becks' future team, the LA Galaxy, is taking a page from Toronto FC's book and holding open tryouts. Yes, you too can have the chance to play alongside the once and future saviour of soccer. One of the hopefuls is Kevin Payne, a 28-year-old former teacher from England, who's got his own website about his campaign to get himself to California. He probably doesn't have a hope in hell, but at least he's entertaining.

What I'm wondering is whether the Galaxy will decide to televise their tryouts, like Chivas USA is doing. (Remember how I said Sportsnet should've done that? Yeah.)

And in somewhat more heartwarming news, the story about the Fugees (that soccer team of refugee kids, which was linked all over the place last week) is now being made into a movie. Part of the deal involves Universal Pictures paying $500,000 to build a soccer field for the kids, and part of the money will also go to fund a foundation to benefit the team. Which is nice and all, but I suspect that it's a drop in the bucket compared to what they're actually spending on the movie. Maybe the Fugees need their own reality TV show too.

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