Thursday, February 01, 2007

As the transfer window shuts with a whimper rather than a bang...

I keep feeling like I should write something about the transfer window, but all I've been coming up with is "meh." I know the January window is usually less interesting than the summer one, but this year it seemed particularly dull. When Matthew Upson to West Ham is your deadline day blockbuster trade, that says it all.

Of course, there was the news about David Beckham joining MLS, which is hardly insignificant, but somehow I don't really think of that as being part of the transfer window. It's like some alternate plane of reality entirely.

Oh, and then Ronaldo going to AC Milan. Which might have been big news a few years ago, back when he didn't suck. Now I just don't get it. I mean, If they wanted an aging, underperforming striker, why didn't they just take Andriy Shevchenko back? At least he looks pretty while he's wandering around missing sitters.

Other than that, nada. No Owen Hargreaves for Man United, no tapping-up attempts by Chelsea, and even the Gareth Bale saga has petered out for the moment. So I've mostly been yelling at Liverpool about why on earth they want Mascherano, with the occasional break for yelling at Real Madrid to stop trying to steal Cristiano Ronaldo. Great fun, really.

2 comments: said...

A really RUBBISH transfer window, no major signings. The best deal was Manchester United getting Larsson in on loan and he is arguably over the hill.

West Ham spending lots of money on pretty ordinary players in the hope of staying in the Premiership because with the TV money its would cost too much to go down to the Championship.

-Kai- said...

Hey there. Came across your blog as I was aimlessly web-surfing. Great work!
I think Liverpool signing Mascherano is really random too. Can't wait to see how that turns out tho.Maybe Rafa has secret divination powers we don't know about.
Phew, glad to know I'm not the only one praying that Real Madrid don't get their grubby paws on Ronaldo. Would hate to see such an amazing player leave. Besides, he provides lots of entertainment..espescially when he does that oh-so-graceful tippy-toe stumble before crumpling to the ground.Ha.