Monday, June 18, 2007

Okay, NOW I care about the Gold Cup

Canada have made it into the semi-finals, beating Guatemala 3-0 on Saturday. I was only half-watching the game, but Canada seemed to be in control throughout and were cutting through the Guatemalan defence fairly easily. They had a three-goal lead by halftime, and kind of took it easy in the second half. Which meant that most of my entertainment came from counting the number of times Craig Forrest made a disparaging remark about Carlos Ruiz, the Guatemalan striker.

Canada's reward for making it this far is that they get to face the United States in the semis on Thursday. And the US just happen to be the defending champions. No problem, right? Although you never know -- Canada actually managed to win the whole damn thing back in 2000, which surprised the hell out of me.

In the other semi-final, Mexico will meet Guadeloupe -- which has the advantage, from my perspective, of making it slightly less embarrassing for Canada that they lost to Guadeloupe (they're not even a real country!) in the group stage.

It was a good weekend for my teams all around, as Toronto FC also won, thumping league leaders FC Dallas 4-0 on Sunday. The bad news is that they're on the road for the next six games, as the Under-20 tournament will be taking over at BMO Field, and they haven't won a single away game yet this season.

And finally, I am surprisingly pleased by Real Madrid winning La Liga. I know, I know, but...there's all those pictures of happy smiley David Beckham and the mini-Beckses! I am helpless in the face of so much identical blondness. (Although the thought of Tom Cruise lurking in the background mitigates that somewhat. Ick.)

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weenie said...

Real will really miss Beckham I think and are probably kicking themselves for not offering him a new contract.