Sunday, June 24, 2007

I am not here. You did not see me.

For once I have a decent excuse for my lack of posting: I'm on vacation. In Amsterdam, to be exact. So I got to watch the Euro U21 final between Holland and Serbia in a bar full of very excited Dutch people, which was entertaining. (Although now I feel like an idiot for not realizing that I was going to be here during the tournament and attempting to get tickets. Oh well.)

*checks news*

Holy shit, Henry's going to Barcelona? For realz? The first proper bit of news in weeks, and it just has to be while I'm away. And it raises some very interesting questions:

  • Does this mean Arsene Wenger is out the door too?
  • Is there really room for yet another diva in the Barca dressing room?
  • More specifically, what's going to happen to Samuel Eto'o?
  • Just how pouty is Cesc Fabregas going to be now?
  • And finally, how much does a Victorian maiden go for on the open market these days?


Anil said...

haha..i like the victorian maiden comment..anyways u have a grt blog..

linda said...

I'm quite worried about the clash of egos, myself. And even though he's going to be a Barca player, I'm not planning to let him live down that 'only women dive' comment any time soon. At least Puyol seems to have forgiven him already.

weenie said...

Despite the diving comment, Henry leaving for the plains of Spain is a sad loss for English football as he did bring a touch of class and panache to the game (some would say va va voom...). I think Wenger will go.