Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Toronto FC 0 - 0 LA Galaxy

So, David Beckham's much-hyped MLS debut in Toronto involved:

  • A night out a Ultra
  • Shopping at Holt Renfrew
  • An appearance at the Jays game
  • Sitting on the bench in a suit and looking pensive.

It did not, sadly, involve:
  • Playing football

Not that the Toronto fans minded, for the most part. There was still lots of entertainment to be found in making fun of Landon Donovan (something that Craig Forrest seems to thoroughly approve of, based on his bitchy commentary on the CBC).

The game itself was not too bad, considering Toronto's injury-stricken squad. (Things I love: Jim Brennan playing despite two cracked ribs. Things I do not love: Jim Brennan's idiotic soul patch.) Toronto totally dominated the game, keeping LA pinned back in their own half for most of the 90 minutes, and had roughly a bazillion shots on goal. The only thing they couldn't do was actually put the ball in the net. Oh well; it's not as if that's important or anything.

Anyway, I'm kind of glad that Beckham didn't play, because I ended up trading away my ticket. Plus it meant that I could watch the game on TV and be amused by the way the camera kept shaking every time people started stomping in the stands. That's some solid architecture right there.

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