Monday, August 13, 2007

Welcome back, boys. I missed you.

It appears that the answers to the questions I raised in my last post are:

1. No, and certainly not with John O'Shea playing as a striker (JOHN O'SHEA. PLAYING CENTRE FORWARD. There are no words for how mind-bogglingly dumb this is); and

2. Yes, although it was a near thing, and have I mentioned recently how much I love Steven Gerrard?

So, United starting the season with a scoreless draw -- despite spending roughly 80 minutes of the game camped out in the Reading end -- absolutely sucks ass. Adding insult to injury, Wayne Rooney's broken metatarsal means he's going to be out for the next two months, leaving their striking options as Carlos Tevez and. Um. That's it, really.

And this is the third time Wayne Rooney's broken a metatarsal in, what, two years? Does he just have really bad luck? Or should we be looking into hooking him up with some Wolverine-style adamantium bones?

On the other hand, at least for the moment we don't have to worry about Rooney and Tevez being too similar in style. Sir Alex can just swap one short-arsed, butt-ugly striker for another.

As for Liverpool, this was a game that they almost certainly wouldn't have won last season. But I did think they're showing more creativity going forward -- despite the winning goal coming from a free kick -- and it seemed like Torres and Kuyt were working well together.

I only saw bits and pieces of the other games, but already I am becoming dangerously addicted to my free Setanta preview. I may never leave the couch again.


Anonymous said...

That was the most beautiful free kick I have ever seen.
And Setanta is golden. I don't know how I ever lived without it (they also show hurling! And AFL! And Rugby!).

jboy3533 said...

I saw Rooney go down and i knew the injury bug had struck the poor lad again...I don't think it's a case of bad luck but more of his Nike Cleats sucking arse.

'Pool looked good especially as El'Nino and Kuyt looked to be working well up front but I could not help put feel sorry for Crochie as he is gone further down Rafa's depth chart in terms of strikers...even Vornin got a nod at the opener.

weenie said...

It's so unusual to see Man City with maximum points and Man U only on two after two games. Makes this weekend's derby game exceedingly interesting!

Scousers - adequate performance against Toulouse yesterday. Looking good for us so far!