Thursday, November 01, 2007

Carling Cup Fourth Round: October 30-31

So, the eight teams left at this point are all from the Premiership, which is kind of boring. But the fourth-round results were reasonably interesting, including a late penalty for Manchester City, a 90th-minute winner for West Ham, and Everton winning with an extra-time goal.

Chelsea went behind twice to Leicester, and needed a hat-trick from Lampard plus a late goal from Shevchenko before they finally went through. I was a bit surprised that they had such trouble with the game, considering they hadn't make all that many changes from their slaughter of Man City last weekend.

The Arsenal babies + Gilberto won as well, and won handily, so that's nice for them. Also Fran Merida looks like some kind of mini-Fabregas, although I don't know how that's even possible, because Cesc really isn't old enough to have a mini-me.

Oh, and Liverpool have apparently remembered how to win games, yay. Although they did need Steven Gerrard to score the winning goal, and he wouldn't have been playing at all if Sissoko had been healthy (and what exactly is wrong with Momo, does anyone know?). Then again, I did say before that he's started to play himself back into form, and for that he needs games, so I guess it's not such a bad thing.

Coventry 1-2 West Ham
Luton 0-1 Everton
Tottenham 2-0 Blackpool
Bolton 0-1 Manchester City
Portsmouth 1-2 Blackburn
Sheffield United 0-3 Arsenal
Liverpool 2-1 Cardiff
Chelsea 4-3 Leicester

The draw for the quarter-finals should take place at the beginning of December on Saturday (thanks, weenie!).


weenie said...

This may not mean much to those outside of England but interestingly, there's an even split between Northern clubs (Liverpool, Everton, Man City and Blackburn) and Southern clubs (Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs and West Ham) - Man City and Blackburn appear to have taken the place of bigger Northern clubs, namely Man United and Newcastle United.

Enough my blathering - the next draw is this Saturday I believe, not in December.

Jen said...

Huh, interesting. I'm wondering what the odds are that the "big four" clubs (or big three, I guess, since Man United are out) will be kept away from each other in the draw. And I didn't realize the draw was this early -- I couldn't find a date for it anywhere, so I was going based on last year, when it was early December.