Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hey look, actual news!

Ronaldinho has joined Milan for €21 million. OH MEELAHN. WHY. Haven't they learned their lesson about overweight Brazilian former superstars? I mean, if they Milan medical team can keep Paolo Maldini's geriatric knees ticking along, then theoretically they can do anything, but still. And it's not like they needed another midfielder anyway. They really should've been spending their money on defenders who are under the age of 30. And maybe a striker who's not 18. Or Pippo Inzaghi.

Actually, most of the transfer news this summer is making me kind of angry because it just makes no sense. Like this unending Gareth Barry to Liverpool, Xabi Alonso to Juventus saga. Except that Juventus don't want Xabi anymore because they went and bought themselves another midfielder instead. But maybe Arsenal want to buy him now. Or Barry. Either one will do, apparently.

So...basically, they are totally interchangeable. Which raises the question, then: WHY WOULD YOU SELL ONE JUST SO YOU COULD BUY THE OTHER? ESPECIALLY IF YOU'RE GOING TO LOSE MONEY IN THE PROCESS. I've been trying to wrap my head around this thing for ages, because I like to believe that Rafa Benitez is not insane. But I don't really get it. I mean, I can kind of understand why you'd prefer to have Barry in the squad, because he's more versatile. But as a straight-up central midfielder? Barry is a good player, sure, but Xabi is very good.

The problem at Liverpool isn't with him, it's with the players around him. I said last summer that they needed to buy a striker and a decent winger or two, and the same thing is true this year. They've got Torres now, which is great, but with Crouch gone they need a second striker, and the fact that Dirk Kuyt spent most of last season playing right wing should tell you that they still need wingers too. The other role that needed filling was the fullbacks, but that's hopefully been sorted with the addition of Dossena and Degen. You know where they didn't need any more players then, and still don't? CENTRE MIDFIELD. *sigh*

Also in the WTF files: Berbatov to Man Utd. They do need a striker, absolutely, but Berbatov just isn't the one I'd pick. He's not as old as I thought (for some reason, I was convinced that he was 30 already), and he's a very good player, but he's still lazy and sulky. I don't get why Sir Alex would want that in the team. Especially not for the kind of crazy money that Spurs are asking. Spend that on a replacement or two for Ronaldo once he and his hair gel waltz off to Madrid.


carlo said...

Clearly you just don't understand the 4-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 formation. All the cool kids are doing it.

vinnie said...

umm...carlo, you just fielded 11 out field players :P

anyway, do you know why the transfer speculations this year are so bad? because england wasn't in euro 2008, their attentions turned to transfer rumors.

i dont think berbatov is a bad choice for ferggie, man utd's got enough highly potential young versatile wingers/ wing backs, namely nani, evra, anderson, hargreaves and giggs would be their big brother to learn from. whereas if c ronaldo is gone, they'd have lost not just a winger, but also occasionally a second striker, berbatov would be a good addition to tevez and rooney. i've never watch berbatov playing but his statistics speaks for himself, proven goal scorer in EPL. how long can he last, we'll see

on the barry's saga, i'm really really disappointed that he's not coming to anfield. i've heard a lot of hype around alonso but i havent seen him playing up to his high standard since 2005 CL final. i'd like to see some changes in the middle of the park but apparently, rafa doesnt think that barry is 3 million pounds better than alonso

lastly, i'm skeptical about robbie keane coming to anfield especially if berbatov heads to man utd, i doubt they're willing to look for decent replacements in a month time

vinnie said...

btw, i'm not blaming rafa for not landing barry in anfield, i believe in his judgement as a professional manager

however, i'm really disappointed in how he handled scott carson and alonso's deal. he's the one to be blamed! we all know that 10 million pound for a goalie w/ limited national caps is plainly preposterous, eventually they have to turn to stoke city for 4 million pound deal that eventually didn't go through. why not just give aston villa what they wanted at a lower price and get what we want in return? same goes to alonso for that extra million pound.

now we are back to square one if not worse. we have the same midfield, we havent make ourselve extra money from the sale, we have a decent goalie who has no idea where to go or what to do next

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